Shows like This Way Up
Looking for shows that are like This Way Up? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel image

    1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    #361 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the 1950s, this comedy-drama follows Miriam 'Midge' Maisel, a New York housewife-turned-standup-comedian. Audience who revel in This Way Up's sense of empowerment and witty humor will find The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel equally entertaining and inspiring.

  • Fleabag image

    2. Fleabag

    #371 most popular show yesterday

    An irreverent and poignant comedy series from creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Fleabag offers a raw, intimate exploration of a flawed and fascinating woman in London, blending sharp humor with deeply personal moments, much like This Way Up.

  • Russian Doll image

    3. Russian Doll

    #778 most popular show yesterday

    Natasha Lyonne stars in this mind-bending dramedy about a woman who keeps dying and reliving her 36th birthday party in a peculiar time loop. Fans of This Way Up's blend of humor and existential musings will enjoy Russian Doll's similar tone and innovative storytelling.

  • Catastrophe image

    4. Catastrophe

    #826 most popular show yesterday

    A brutally honest and humorously dysfunctional portrayal of a couple navigating the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy and a hastily arranged relationship. Fans of This Way Up will appreciate Catastrophe for its blend of comedy with the complexities of modern relationships.

  • Dead to Me image

    5. Dead to Me

    #894 most popular show yesterday

    This dark comedy series about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret can capture the attention of This Way Up enthusiasts for its blend of humor, mystery, and emotional storytelling.

  • Insecure image

    6. Insecure

    #1,165 most popular show yesterday

    Issa Rae's Insecure offers an insightful, hilarious, and nuanced look into the lives of African American women in modern-day LA. Like This Way Up, it delves into personal and professional struggles with authenticity and comedic flair.

  • Feel Good image

    7. Feel Good

    #1,778 most popular show yesterday

    A semi-autobiographical series by Mae Martin, Feel Good explores love, addiction, and the challenges of modern relationships. Like This Way Up, it provides a balanced mix of humor and emotional depth, examining personal growth and vulnerability.

  • Back to Life image

    8. Back to Life

    #1,812 most popular show yesterday

    The story follows Miri Matteson as she returns to her home after an 18-year prison sentence. With a similar mix of dramedy as This Way Up, Back to Life addresses themes of redemption, human connection, and the awkwardness of integrating back into a life that has moved on.