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What is Tidelands About?

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An Australian web television series, Tidelands is a unique blend of crime, fantasy, and mystery genres. Set in the fictitious town of Orphelin Bay, the series introduces its protagonist, Cal McTeer, who returns home after a ten-year stint in juvenile detention. However, her homecoming is far from normal as she finds herself drawn into the town's deep-seated secrets. In her quest to resolve family issues and confront her past, she inadvertently unravels the existence of a tribe of half-human, half-siren creatures, known as the 'Tidelanders'. These beings are at once enchanting and dangerous, complicating her mission further. Throughout the series, the narrative dives deep into their mysterious world and explores their complex relationship with the town's inhabitants. The show skillfully bridges fantasy with reality, while using the elements of crime and drama to create suspense. It is an appealing watch for those who are intrigued by supernatural themes intertwined with human experiences, all wrapped up in a captivating coastal backdrop.
The first episode of Tidelands aired on December 14, 2018 and the most recent episode to air was on December 14, 2018.