What is Under the Bridge (TV) About?
Under the Bridge is a compelling American true crime drama television miniseries that painstakingly explores the 1997 murder of Reena Virk near Victoria, British Columbia. Developed by Quinn Shephard and based on the similarly titled book by Rebecca Godfrey, the show debuted on Hulu, providing a gritty portrayal of the real-life events that led to the tragic death of the fourteen-year-old. The series is characterized by its deep dive into the complexities of adolescent relationships and the dark paths that led Virk's peers to commit such a savage crime. With a strong ensemble cast including Lily Gladstone, Vritika Gupta, and Riley Keough, the miniseries dramatizes the investigation and trial through a cinematic lens, introducing viewers to the nuanced emotional terrain navigated by both the accused teenagers and the victim's family. Through its eight-episode arc, Under the Bridge takes its audience beyond the sensational headlines, offering insight into the societal pressures and psychological landscapes that can culminate in youthful violence, ultimately presenting a mosaic of perspectives that surrounds a community shaken by a heinous act. The series, which received its episode order from Hulu in September 2022, stands as a profound examination of crime, punishment, and the search for justice in the wake of an incomprehensible event.
The first episode of Under the Bridge aired on April 17, 2024 and the most recent episode to air was on May 29, 2024.