What is Vienna Blood (TV) About?
Vienna Blood is an enthralling crime drama television series set in the dazzling city of Vienna during the early 1900s. The show revolves around the extraordinary partnership between the brilliant young English doctor, Max Liebermann, and the seasoned Detective Inspector, Oskar Rheinhardt. Together, they uncover an array of mysterious and perplexing murder cases that grip the city. With its mesmerizing combination of historic ambiance and thought-provoking detective stories, Vienna Blood transports viewers to a time when Vienna was the center of cultural and intellectual life in Europe. The show masterfully weaves together elements of psychological profiling, deductive reasoning, and scientific investigation to solve each complex crime. As Liebermann and Rheinhardt dive into the dark underbelly of Viennese society, they uncover hidden secrets, personal rivalries, and political tensions. Through its intriguing characters and atmospheric storytelling, Vienna Blood not only offers gripping entertainment but also provides a fascinating window into the social, psychological, and political complexities of turn-of-the-century Vienna.
The first episode of Vienna Blood aired on November 18, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on December 28, 2022.