What is Vigil (TV) About?
Vigil is a gripping British police procedural drama series that dives deep into the shadowy nexus of military operations and national security. The narrative unfolds with the disappearance of a fishing trawler off the Scottish coast, segueing into a more sinister mystery when a crew member is found dead aboard the Royal Navy's HMS Vigil submarine. As Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva, played by Suranne Jones, embarks on a fraught investigation confined within the submarine's steel walls, the story surfaces troubling questions about the Navy's secretive practices and potential governmental cover-ups. The series smartly balances its thriller elements with a meticulous portrayal of police work, as Silva's counterpart, DS Kirsten Longacre, diligently works the case on land. 'Vigil' deftly engages audiences with its high-stakes plot and the intriguing dynamics of maritime law enforcement, set against the backdrop of Scotland's panoramic vistas and the claustrophobic quarters of a nuclear-powered submarine. The stakes rise as the investigation hints at a conspiracy reaching into the upper echelons of British security echelons, painting a vivid picture of the sacrifices and moral quandaries inherent in protecting a nation.
The first episode of Vigil aired on August 29, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on December 19, 2023.