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  • MasterChef Poster
    as Self 1 episode • #198 most popular show
    MasterChef is a popular television cooking competition that airs in numerous countries around the world. The show brings together amateur home cooks who compete for the title of MasterChef. Each season features a group of passionate individuals who showcase their culinary skills and creativity in various challenges. Contestants are judged by a panel of esteemed chefs and food critics who critique their dishes based on taste, presentation, and technique. With high stakes and intense competition, MasterChef provides riveting entertainment for food enthusiasts and viewers alike.
  • Glee Poster
    as Ryder Lynn 39 episodes • #460 most popular show
    Glee is a musical comedy-drama television series that follows a group of ambitious and talented high school students who join a glee club. Set in Lima, Ohio, the show explores the ups and downs of the students' journey to achieve their dreams of becoming successful performers. Filled with catchy musical numbers and heartfelt performances, Glee tackles various social issues and personal struggles, while also celebrating the power of music and the importance of friendship and self-expression.
  • Supergirl Poster
    as Adam Foster 2 episodes • #767 most popular show
    Supergirl is a TV show based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It tells the story of Kara Zor-El, who escapes the doomed planet Krypton and arrives on Earth. Adopted by the Danvers family, she keeps her powers a secret until she is forced to reveal them to protect her adoptive sister. Now, as Supergirl, she works alongside the Department of Extra-Normal Operations to protect National City from various threats.
  • WHAT / IF Poster
    WHAT / IF
    as Sean Donovan 10 episodes • #1,154 most popular show
    WHAT / IF is an American psychological thriller television series created by Mike Kelley. The show follows a morally questionable proposition made to people facing a life-altering decision. Each episode explores the consequences of the characters' choices, exposing their true desires and pushing them to the limits of their morality. With its gripping narrative and intense performances, WHAT / IF keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, delving into the dark side of human nature and posing thought-provoking questions about the nature of right and wrong.
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Blake Jenner Biography
Blake Alexander Jenner is an American actor known for his role as Ryder Lynn on the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. He gained recognition after winning the second season of Oxygen's The Glee Project. Jenner has since appeared in various movies including Everybody Wants Some!! (2016), The Edge of Seventeen (2016), American Animals (2018), and the TV show What/If (2019). Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Jenner is the youngest of four sons. He developed a passion for music and film at a young age, playing drums and participating in stage productions. Jenner attended Felix Varela High School where he was a member of the school's drama society and played varsity football and wrestling.

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