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  • Supernatural Poster
    as Lilith 2 episodes • #148 most popular show
    Supernatural is an American television series that follows the thrilling adventures of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. The show combines elements of horror, fantasy, and drama as the brothers travel across the United States to battle supernatural creatures and otherworldly forces. With an engaging mix of intense action, gripping storytelling, and compelling characters, Supernatural has captivated audiences since its debut in 2005. The series explores themes of family, loyalty, and destiny, as the Winchesters confront their own personal demons while saving humanity from the supernatural threats that plague the world.
  • Mad Men Poster
    Mad Men
    as Annie 1 episode • #253 most popular show
    Mad Men is an American television drama series set in the 1960s, focusing on the advertising business on Madison Avenue in New York City. The show explores the personal and professional lives of the employees at the prestigious Sterling Cooper advertising agency, led by the enigmatic creative director, Don Draper. Through its portrayal of the advertising industry and the changing social mores of the era, Mad Men offers a deep dive into the complexities of American culture during a transformative time in history.
  • Lucifer Poster
    as Mary Bell 1 episode • #297 most popular show
    Lucifer is an American television series that premiered on Fox in 2016. It is based on the DC Comics character Lucifer Morningstar, who has abandoned Hell and decided to help the Los Angeles Police Department solve crimes. The show combines elements of crime procedural and supernatural drama, with a touch of humor and romance. With its charismatic lead actor, compelling storytelling, and distinctive blend of genres, Lucifer has gained a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim for its unique premise and engaging characters.
  • Malcolm in the Middle Poster
    Malcolm in the Middle
    as Greta 1 episode • #306 most popular show
    Malcolm in the Middle is a popular American sitcom that aired from 2000 to 2006. The show revolves around a dysfunctional yet lovable family, the Wilkersons, and their middle child, Malcolm. Malcolm, an exceptionally intelligent and socially awkward teenager, navigates the challenges of his chaotic household while also grappling with the struggles of adolescence. With its unique blend of humor and heart, Malcolm in the Middle gained a strong following during its run and continues to be celebrated for its realism and relatability.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Poster
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    as Red Rider 1 episode • #461 most popular show
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a popular American television series that follows a team of forensic investigators from the Las Vegas Police Department as they solve crimes using scientific evidence. The show, created by Anthony E. Zuiker, combines elements of crime drama and procedural genres, presenting a realistic portrayal of forensic investigation techniques. With its engaging storylines, complex characters, and meticulous attention to detail, CSI has become an iconic and influential show in the television landscape. It has spawned multiple spin-offs and has garnered a dedicated fan base worldwide.
  • The Closer Poster
    The Closer
    as Callie Rivers 1 episode • #612 most popular show
    The Closer is a drama television series that follows Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson as she leads a specialized LAPD unit focused on solving high-profile murder cases. Johnson's unorthodox methods and determined personality often create conflicts with her fellow colleagues. However, her exceptional skills as an interrogator earn her the respect of even the most skeptical critics.
  • Jane the Virgin Poster
    Jane the Virgin
    as Henry's Mom 2 episodes • #636 most popular show
    Jane the Virgin is an American romantic-comedy-drama television series. The show follows Jane Villanueva, a young woman who becomes accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine checkup. As a result, she finds herself facing the challenges and joys of motherhood, all while navigating her complicated love life. With its clever blend of telenovela-inspired storytelling and genuine heart, Jane the Virgin has captivated audiences with its unique and entertaining premise.
  • Heroes Poster
    as Alena 1 episode • #810 most popular show
    Heroes is an American superhero drama series that explores the lives of ordinary individuals who suddenly awaken to their extraordinary abilities. As these characters come to terms with their newfound powers, their paths cross and intertwine, collectively facing looming catastrophes that could alter the fate of the world.
Movies - Katherine Boecher
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  • The Spy Next Door Poster
    The Spy Next Door
    as Creel • #3,485 most popular movie
    The Spy Next Door is a 2010 American spy halloween action comedy film directed by Brian Levant. It stars Jackie Chan as Bob Ho, an operative of the CIA who takes on the challenging task of caring for his girlfriend's three children. When one of the kids inadvertently downloads a classified formula, Bob finds himself facing his notorious adversary, a Russian terrorist.