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  • Your Honor Poster
    Your Honor
    as Dr. Barbour 1 episode • #15 most popular show
    Your Honor is a gripping legal drama series, revolving around a respected judge forced into a moral abyss. The show explores the intense quandary of a father torn between the law and protect his son, who is implicated in a hit-and-run accident.
  • The Golden Girls Poster
    The Golden Girls
    as Security Guard 1 episode • #193 most popular show
    The Golden Girls is a US sitcom that aired from 1985 to 1992. Its narrative follows four older women who share a home in Miami, Florida. The lead characters are portrayed by Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty. Their lively personalities and diverse backgrounds generate comedic storylines that deal with aging, friendship, and life's unexpected turns.
  • Malcolm in the Middle Poster
    Malcolm in the Middle
    as Mr. Snow 1 episode • #320 most popular show
    Malcolm in the Middle is a popular American sitcom that aired from 2000 to 2006. The show revolves around a dysfunctional yet lovable family, the Wilkersons, and their middle child, Malcolm. Malcolm, an exceptionally intelligent and socially awkward teenager, navigates the challenges of his chaotic household while also grappling with the struggles of adolescence. With its unique blend of humor and heart, Malcolm in the Middle gained a strong following during its run and continues to be celebrated for its realism and relatability.
  • ER Poster
    as Ethan Brown 1 episode • #333 most popular show
    ER is a popular medical drama series that aired on NBC from 1994 to 2009. Set in the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, the show follows a group of doctors and nurses as they navigate the challenges and chaos of everyday life in a busy emergency room. Known for its gritty realism, ER delves into the personal and professional lives of the medical staff, giving viewers an inside look into the high-pressure world of emergency medicine.
  • The Ms. Pat Show Poster
    The Ms. Pat Show
    as Marvin 1 episode • #451 most popular show
    The Ms. Pat Show is a sitcom chronicling the life of a former convict and current suburban mom in Middle America. It navigates themes of culture clash and family dynamics in a comedic narrative.
  • Home Improvement Poster
    Home Improvement
    as Hotel Clerk 1 episode • #459 most popular show
    Home Improvement is an American sitcom that aired from 1991 to 1999. The show revolves around Tim Taylor, a talented but accident-prone handyman who hosts a local home improvement show called 'Tool Time'. Tim is always striving to improve things, but his unique approach often leads to comedic mishaps. Alongside Tim is his patient and loving wife Jill, their three mischievous sons, and their quirky neighbor Wilson, who provides sage advice through his fence. Home Improvement combines humor and heart as it explores the challenges and victories of family life.
  • Deadwood Poster
    as Lou / Poker Player - at No. 10 1 episode • #500 most popular show
    Deadwood is a critically acclaimed television series that takes place in the late 1800s American Old West. Set in the lawless town of Deadwood, South Dakota, the show follows a diverse cast of characters as they navigate through greed, violence, and corruption. With a compelling storyline and stellar performances, Deadwood offers a realistic portrayal of the rough and gritty frontier life. The show delves into themes of power struggles, morality, and the human condition, making it a must-watch for fans of Western dramas.
  • Sharp Objects Poster
    Sharp Objects
    as Judge 1 episode • #615 most popular show
    Sharp Objects is a gripping drama series based on the debut novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn. The show follows the life of Camille Preaker, a troubled reporter who returns to her small hometown to cover a series of murders. As the investigation unfolds, Camille is forced to confront her own demons while dealing with the complexities of her dysfunctional family. With its chilling atmosphere and intense performances, Sharp Objects delves into themes of trauma, family dynamics, and the dark secrets that haunt individuals and communities.
  • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Poster
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    as Cop 1 episode • #676 most popular show
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is an American television series based on the Marvel Comics organization S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division). The show follows a team of agents led by Phil Coulson as they investigate and combat supernatural and otherworldly threats to Earth. With a blend of action, espionage, and science fiction, the series explores the interconnectedness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and introduces new characters and storylines. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has garnered a dedicated fanbase and has been praised for its character development, compelling story arcs, and visual effects.
  • Babylon 5 Poster
    Babylon 5
    as Security Guard 1 episode • #716 most popular show
    Babylon 5 is a renowned five-mile long space station situated in neutral space. Constructed by the Earth Alliance in the 2250s, its primary mission is to uphold peace and harmony among diverse extraterrestrial civilizations by providing a safe haven for negotiations and conflict resolution through appointed ambassadors. The station's governing body, known as the Council, comprises representatives from the Earth Alliance, Minbari Federation, Centauri Republic, Narn Regime, and Vorlon Empire. Functioning not only as a diplomatic hub, Babylon 5 also serves as a crucial military outpost for Earth and a bustling port of call for travelers, traders, and Rangers alike.
  • American Crime Story Poster
    American Crime Story
    as Willie 3 episodes • #740 most popular show
    American Crime Story is an anthology series that examines infamous crimes from American history. Each season focuses on a different crime, exploring its impact on society and the legal system. The show combines real-life events with fictionalized elements to provide a compelling narrative. With a star-studded cast and intricate storytelling, American Crime Story delves deep into the complexities of high-profile criminal cases, shedding light on the societal issues surrounding them. From the O.J. Simpson trial to the assassination of Gianni Versace, this series offers a thought-provoking exploration of some of the most notorious crimes in recent memory.
  • 7th Heaven Poster
    7th Heaven
    as Ray Rickey 1 episode • #815 most popular show
    7th Heaven is an American television drama series that revolves around Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie as they navigate the challenges of raising their seven children. The show also explores the various relationships that develop within the Camden household, including the friends, sweethearts, and spouses of the children. With a strong emphasis on family values, 7th Heaven provides an engaging and heartwarming portrayal of the everyday struggles and triumphs of the Camden family.
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun Poster
    3rd Rock from the Sun
    as Peter 1 episode • #866 most popular show
    3rd Rock from the Sun is an American sitcom that originally aired from 1996 to 2001 on NBC. The show follows the misadventures of four extraterrestrials who have taken on human form and are sent to Earth on a research mission. As they attempt to blend in with society, they become increasingly fascinated by human behavior and often find themselves in comical situations. With its clever writing and talented cast, 3rd Rock from the Sun offers a humorous and insightful exploration of what it means to be human.
  • Weeds Poster
    as Dr. Palmer 2 episodes • #950 most popular show
    Weeds is an American dark comedy-drama television series that follows the life of Nancy Botwin, a newly widowed mother, as she turns to selling cannabis in order to maintain her family's upper-middle-class lifestyle in suburban Los Angeles. Throughout the series, Nancy's venture affects her family and neighbors as she dives deeper into the drug trade.
  • mixed-ish Poster
    as Bradley 1 episode • #1,426 most popular show
    Mixed-ish is an American sitcom that premiered on ABC in 2019. It is a spin-off of the hit series Black-ish and focuses on the experiences of Rainbow Johnson, the mother of the Johnson family, as a mixed-race child in the 1980s. The show explores themes of identity, family, and cultural differences in a humorous and relatable way. With a talented cast and clever writing, Mixed-ish provides an entertaining and thought-provoking look at the challenges and triumphs of growing up in a multicultural world.
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