Movies like Basic (2003)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Basic, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Black Hawk Down

    #483 most popular movie yesterday

    Though more of a war film, Black Hawk Down's depiction of modern military operations and the chaos of battle will resonate with viewers who are drawn to the military aspects and moral ambiguities explored in Basic.

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    2. A Few Good Men

    #628 most popular movie yesterday

    This military courtroom drama directed by Rob Reiner, with its intense narrative and strong performances from the likes of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, offers an engrossing experience for those who appreciate the intricate plot and ethical quandaries presented in Basic.

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    3. The Hunt for Red October

    #890 most popular movie yesterday

    As a classic military thriller, The Hunt for Red October offers a gripping narrative filled with strategic moves and psychological warfare that fans of Basic will likely appreciate for its intense pacing and complex plot.

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    4. Clear and Present Danger

    #1,268 most popular movie yesterday

    With Harrison Ford returning as Jack Ryan, this film weaves political intrigue and military action scenes that will satisfy fans looking for a similar blend of action and conspiracy as seen in Basic.

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    5. Crimson Tide

    #1,359 most popular movie yesterday

    Starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, this film involves a high-stakes military standoff aborad a submarine, and shines with the same level of tension and conflict found in the power plays of Basic.

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    6. Courage Under Fire

    #2,394 most popular movie yesterday

    The movie features Denzel Washington investigating a female officer's candidacy for the Medal of Honor, and it shares Basic's themes of military honor, truth, and the complexity of war-time decisions.

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    7. Rules of Engagement

    #3,239 most popular movie yesterday

    With its military legal intrigue and taut drama, Rules of Engagement will intrigue those who relish the courtroom twists and political maneuvers that are sharply displayed in Basic.

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    8. The General's Daughter

    #3,764 most popular movie yesterday

    Like Basic, The General's Daughter is a military-themed mystery that delves into a scandalous crime. Fans will be drawn to the thrilling investigation and the dark secrets uncovered, mirroring the suspenseful atmosphere found in Basic.