Movies like Heart Condition (1990)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Heart Condition, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Beverly Hills Cop

    #385 most popular movie yesterday

    Beverly Hills Cop stars Eddie Murphy as a wise-cracking Detroit officer navigating the upscale world of Beverly Hills. The humorous cultural clash and police work combination make this a go-to film for audiences who appreciate Heart Condition's similar blend of comedy and crime-solving.

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    2. Rush Hour

    #1,151 most popular movie yesterday

    Rush Hour combines high-stakes police work with comedic cultural exchanges between an LAPD detective and a Hong Kong inspector. This buddy-cop film's fusion of thrills and laughs make it a solid choice for fans of Heart Condition.

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    3. Lethal Weapon

    #1,503 most popular movie yesterday

    Lethal Weapon is the quintessential buddy-cop film that mixes action-packed sequences with moments of humor. Its emotionally charged partnership between two very different detectives might strike a chord with fans of the unlikely alliance in Heart Condition.

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    4. Nothing to Lose

    #1,828 most popular movie yesterday

    Nothing to Lose pairs a depressed man and an unlikely carjacker on an adventure that’s as comical as it is thrilling. The dynamic of opposites attracts in both business and personal turmoil, akin to the odd coupling found in Heart Condition.

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    5. 48 Hrs.

    #1,930 most popular movie yesterday

    48 Hrs. features a cop and a convict forced to team up. The contentious yet humorously explosive relationship they share offers the same sort of mismatched partnership dynamics that audiences enjoy in Heart Condition.

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    6. The Last Boy Scout

    #1,942 most popular movie yesterday

    The Last Boy Scout’s gritty take on the buddy formula brings a private detective and a disgraced former quarterback together. The movie's gritty action, snappy dialogue, and humorous rapport should satisfy viewers who appreciated Heart Condition.

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    7. Red Heat

    #3,678 most popular movie yesterday

    Red Heat presents a stoic Russian policeman paired with a sarcastic Chicago detective. This culture-clash buddy film delivers action and comedy in equal measure, appealing to Heart Condition fans who enjoy an odd-couple teaming in law enforcement scenarios.

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    8. Stakeout

    #4,783 most popular movie yesterday

    Stakeout is a witty blend of action and comedy that pairs up two cops on a surveillance mission. Fans of Heart Condition will enjoy the mix of law enforcement dynamics and humorous interactions that define the partnership in this high-stakes game of cat and mouse.