Movies like Laurel Canyon (2003)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Laurel Canyon, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. American Beauty

    #487 most popular movie yesterday

    Sam Mendes' 'American Beauty' delves into the intricacies of suburban life, presenting a tapestry of flawed characters much like 'Laurel Canyon.' Its dark humor and compelling narrative make it a fine choice for audiences looking to explore more family-centric dramas.

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    2. Little Miss Sunshine

    #1,164 most popular movie yesterday

    A quirky and heartwarming tale of a family’s cross-country trip, 'Little Miss Sunshine' offers the same blend of drama and comedy found in 'Lairel Canyon.' Fans will appreciate the offbeat characters and poignant moments as the family deals with their internal conflicts on the road.

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    3. Garden State

    #2,103 most popular movie yesterday

    Zach Braff's 'Garden State' provides a mix of humor, drama, and romance while delving into family issues and self-discovery themes present in 'Laurel Canyon.' It's a story about returning home and reconnecting which fans of character-driven narratives will appreciate.

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    4. The Ice Storm

    #2,200 most popular movie yesterday

    Ang Lee’s 'The Ice Storm' captures the essence of family dysfunction and sexual mores of the 1970s, akin to the atmosphere in 'Laurel Canyon.' Its exploration of the harsh realities behind the facade of a seemingly normal family life makes it resonate with the same audience.

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    5. Rachel Getting Married

    #3,005 most popular movie yesterday

    Jonathan Demme's 'Rachel Getting Married' presents an intense and realistic portrayal of family dynamics and personal demons, similar to 'Laurel Canyon.' It’s a deep dive into the tension and love that coexist within a family, set against the backdrop of a wedding.

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    6. The Kids Are All Right

    #3,079 most popular movie yesterday

    Directed by Lisa Cholodenko, the same visionary behind 'Laurel Canyon,' 'The Kids Are All Right' blends a smart, witty script with complex characters, similar to what fans enjoyed in 'Laurel Canyon.' It navigates the dynamics of a modern family with humor and depth.

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    7. Running with Scissors

    #4,841 most popular movie yesterday

    Like 'Laurel Canyon,' 'Running with Scissors' explores dysfunctional family dynamics with a flair for the unconventional. The film, based on Augusten Burroughs' memoir, offers a quirky, poignant look at a boy's coming-of-age within a peculiar household.

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    8. In the Land of Women

    #5,095 most popular movie yesterday

    'In the Land of Women' is a film about introspection, relationships, and family complications, similar to the themes in 'Laurel Canyon.' The narrative follows the journey of a man who forms complex relationships with the women of a particular family.