Movies like The 4th Floor (1999)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The 4th Floor, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Disturbia

    #1,271 most popular movie yesterday

    When a teen is placed under house arrest, he begins to suspect his neighbor is a serial killer. The use of confined spaces and the focus on surveillance draw parallels to The 4th Floor, engaging viewers in a similarly suspense-filled narrative.

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    2. Rear Window

    #1,341 most popular movie yesterday

    In this classic thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a wheelchair-bound photographer spies on his neighbors and becomes convinced one of them has committed murder. Fans of The 4th Floor will appreciate the suspense and the theme of voyeurism that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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    3. The Others

    #1,503 most popular movie yesterday

    This supernatural thriller, starring Nicole Kidman, involves a mother and her photosensitive children who become convinced their house is haunted. The suspense-building and sense of confinement are elements that audiences of The 4th Floor would find intriguing.

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    4. Sliver

    #2,932 most popular movie yesterday

    This film involves a woman who moves into a New York skyscraper and discovers that her privacy is being violated by a voyeuristic landlord. The invasion of privacy and the building-based terror will resonate with fans of The 4th Floor.

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    5. Single White Female

    #3,045 most popular movie yesterday

    This psychological thriller delves into the life of a New York woman who takes in a roommate, who then begins to emulate her life. It is similar to The 4th Floor in terms of the claustrophobic suspense and the theme of distrust among seemingly normal urban dwellers.

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    6. Copycat

    #3,542 most popular movie yesterday

    This gripping thriller features a psychopath who mimics infamous serial killers. Like The 4th Floor, it explores themes of fear and paranoia in urban settings, offering viewers a dose of suspense and complex character interactions.

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    7. Pacific Heights

    #3,841 most popular movie yesterday

    This film follows a couple who become landlords to pay for their dream house in San Francisco, only to have a nightmare tenant terrorize them. The tension and psychological thrills are akin to what viewers experience in The 4th Floor, making it a compelling watch for fans.