Shows like 13 Reasons Why
Looking for shows that are like 13 Reasons Why? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Euphoria image

    1. Euphoria

    #32 most popular show yesterday

    An HBO series exploring the lives of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex, and violence. Its gritty portrayal of teen life and its unflinching look at the struggles of adolescence will resonate with fans of 13 Reasons Why.

  • Gossip Girl image

    2. Gossip Girl

    #220 most popular show yesterday

    A show about the scandalous lives of New York's elite youth. The emphasis on teen issues, drama, and the consequences of secrets may attract viewers who enjoy the drama and complexity of teen lives in 13 Reasons Why.

  • Riverdale image

    3. Riverdale

    #346 most popular show yesterday

    Though more stylized, Riverdale combines teen drama with a dark, mysterious twist. Viewers who appreciate the mix of high school intrigues and heavier themes in 13 Reasons Why might enjoy Riverdale's similar tone.

  • Pretty Little Liars image

    4. Pretty Little Liars

    #409 most popular show yesterday

    A mystery-thriller series revolving around a group of girls dealing with the disappearance of their friend. The series' exploration of secrets and lies in a high school setting will appeal to those who liked the mysterious elements of 13 Reasons Why.

  • Elite image

    5. Elite

    #620 most popular show yesterday

    A Spanish thriller series that dives into the lives of students at an elite secondary school. Its focus on issues such as class disparity, crime, and teenage angst links well with the themes of 13 Reasons Why.

  • The Society image

    6. The Society

    #1,215 most popular show yesterday

    This show presents a group of teenagers who must organize a new society after the rest of the population disappears. The Society's exploration of social dynamics and personal trauma among teens aligns well with the themes in 13 Reasons Why.