Shows like Elite
Looking for shows that are like Elite? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Euphoria image

    1. Euphoria

    #34 most popular show yesterday

    Euphoria offers a contemporary look at high school life, with a focus on substance abuse and sexuality among teens. Its raw portrayal of youth culture and complex relationships makes it a compelling choice for 'Elite' viewers.

  • Gossip Girl image

    2. Gossip Girl

    #211 most popular show yesterday

    A look into the scandalous lives of the elite and privileged prep school teens on New York's Upper East Side. Fans of 'Elite' will enjoy the backdrop of wealth, power, and secrets that drive the dramatic narratives.

  • Pretty Little Liars image

    3. Pretty Little Liars

    #297 most popular show yesterday

    As friends grieve over the disappearance of their leader, they are plagued by a mysterious figure who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets. Viewers who enjoy the thrilling elements and ensemble cast of 'Elite' will find much to like here.

  • 13 Reasons Why image

    4. 13 Reasons Why

    #384 most popular show yesterday

    This intense high school drama tackles serious topics as it follows the fallout from a student's suicide and the discovery of her reasons why. The show's dark themes and complex characters may resonate with fans of 'Elite.'

  • Riverdale image

    5. Riverdale

    #387 most popular show yesterday

    Focusing on the lives of Archie and his friends in the small town of Riverdale, this series delves into secrets and the dark underbelly of their seemingly perfect community. Like 'Elite,' viewers are treated to a blend of teen drama and mystery.

  • How to Get Away with Murder image

    6. How to Get Away with Murder

    #510 most popular show yesterday

    A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become entwined in a murder plot. Like 'Elite,' the show weaves a web of secrets and lies that keeps the viewer guessing.

  • The Society image

    7. The Society

    #957 most popular show yesterday

    When everyone else disappears, the teenagers of a wealthy town must forge their own society to survive. The show blends social commentary with a Lord of the Flies-esque narrative, ideal for fans of the societal exploration in 'Elite.'