Shows like Celebrity Big Brother
Looking for shows that are like Celebrity Big Brother? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Love Island image

    1. Love Island

    #16 most popular show yesterday

    This dating reality show features singles living in a villa, coupling up, participating in challenges, and facing public votes. Fans of Celebrity Big Brother might enjoy the social strategies, shifting alliances, and interpersonal drama that Love Island offers.

  • RuPaul's Drag Race image

    2. RuPaul's Drag Race

    #52 most popular show yesterday

    Drag queens compete in challenges involving fashion, performance, and personality to become America's next drag superstar. Fans of Celebrity Big Brother's flair for the dramatic and eclectic cast may find the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent of Drag Race equally entertaining.

  • Survivor image

    3. Survivor

    #69 most popular show yesterday

    This reality competition strands contestants in remote locations where they must fend for themselves, all while competing in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. With its strong strategic components and social politicking, Survivor appeals to viewers who appreciate the alliance-building and backstabbing seen in Celebrity Big Brother.

  • Big Brother image

    4. Big Brother

    #79 most popular show yesterday

    As the parent show of Celebrity Big Brother, Big Brother features everyday individuals living together in a house, with cameras and microphones capturing their every move 24/7. Fans of the celebrity edition will enjoy the same game-play elements, strategic moves, and alliance drama in a more raw setting with non-celebrity contestants.

  • The Challenge image

    5. The Challenge

    #242 most popular show yesterday

    MTV's The Challenge pits contestants against one another in various physical, mental, and sometimes emotional contests. With a mix of former reality TV stars and new faces, the show's drama and competitive nature will resonate with viewers of Celebrity Big Brother.

  • The Amazing Race image

    6. The Amazing Race

    #385 most popular show yesterday

    Teams of two race around the world to win a significant cash prize in The Amazing Race. The blend of competitive challenges, teamwork, and diverse destinations provides a compelling watch for fans of the intense competition and partnerships formed in Celebrity Big Brother.

  • Dancing with the Stars image

    7. Dancing with the Stars

    #671 most popular show yesterday

    Celebrities pair up with professional dancers and compete in ballroom dancing, facing elimination rounds based on judges' scores and public votes. While it's less strategy-focused, viewers who like watching personalities from Celebrity Big Brother may enjoy seeing other celebrities step out of their comfort zones on the dance floor.