Shows like Big Brother
Looking for shows that are like Big Brother? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Love Island image

    1. Love Island

    #15 most popular show yesterday

    A group of singles live in a luxurious villa trying to find love and win a cash prize. Viewers who love the social game and relationship building in Big Brother will likely enjoy Love Island's flirty dynamics.

  • Survivor image

    2. Survivor

    #69 most popular show yesterday

    Survivor puts contestants on a remote island to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other. It offers similar strategic gameplay and social dynamics as Big Brother, with the added challenge of surviving the elements.

  • The Challenge image

    3. The Challenge

    #229 most popular show yesterday

    MTV's The Challenge combines elements of reality TV with grueling physical competitions, where past and present reality stars compete for a cash prize, mirroring the competitive spirit of Big Brother.

  • Hell's Kitchen image

    4. Hell's Kitchen

    #276 most popular show yesterday

    Aspiring chefs compete under the guidance of Gordon Ramsay for a coveted position at a restaurant. The high-pressure environment and eliminations echo the competitive nature of Big Brother.

  • The Amazing Race image

    5. The Amazing Race

    #395 most popular show yesterday

    Teams of two race around the world for a million-dollar prize. Fans of competition and strategy will enjoy the global adventures and the thrilling races to the finish line.

  • Naked and Afraid image

    6. Naked and Afraid

    #492 most popular show yesterday

    Participants must survive 21 days in the wilderness without clothing or supplies, testing their survival skills. While the stakes are different, the raw human drama and resilience echo the spectacle of Big Brother.