Shows like Survivor
Looking for shows that are like Survivor? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Challenge image

    1. The Challenge

    #165 most popular show yesterday

    Competitors from various reality shows, including Survivor, come together to compete in physically and mentally demanding challenges for a cash prize. Viewers who like Survivor's competitive nature and social scheming will be drawn to the intense rivalries and alliances that define The Challenge.

  • Alone image

    2. Alone

    #250 most popular show yesterday

    Participants are isolated in the wilderness and must survive as long as they can, with limited gear and no camera crews. Those who are fans of the survival aspect of Survivor will enjoy watching the self-documentation of true survival skills and the psychological endurance in Alone.

  • The Amazing Race image

    3. The Amazing Race

    #369 most popular show yesterday

    Pairs of contestants race around the world to win a grand prize, facing various challenges and detours along the way. Those who appreciate Survivor's competitive challenges and globe-trotting adventures will likely enjoy The Amazing Race's fast-paced, strategic gameplay and scenic destinations.

  • Big Brother image

    4. Big Brother

    #383 most popular show yesterday

    A reality competition show where contestants live together in a custom-built home, isolated from the outside world, and vote each other out over time. Fans of Survivor's strategic gameplay and social dynamics will find Big Brother's 24/7 surveillance twist fascinating as alliances and betrayals unfold in real time.

  • Naked and Afraid image

    5. Naked and Afraid

    #415 most popular show yesterday

    This survival series strips it back to the basics as a man and a woman, both survivalists, must survive for 21 days without anything, including their clothes. Survivor fans will get a taste of a more extreme survival experience focused on human resilience and primitive survival skills.