Shows like Harley Quinn
Looking for shows that are like Harley Quinn? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Rick and Morty image

    1. Rick and Morty

    #68 most popular show yesterday

    With its dark humor, subversive take on science fiction, and episodic adventures, Rick and Morty hits a similar chord for audiences who enjoy the boundary-pushing comedy and unpredictability of Harley Quinn.

  • BoJack Horseman image

    2. BoJack Horseman

    #94 most popular show yesterday

    BoJack Horseman's deep dive into character flaws, existential themes, and its mix of dark comedy with drama makes it another great pick for Harley Quinn fans looking for rich storytelling and a unique animated experience.

  • INVINCIBLE image


    #117 most popular show yesterday

    Invincible features a stark look at superhero life with a blend of intense action and emotional storytelling. Its mature themes and sharp animation style will appeal to viewers who enjoy the adult aspects of Harley Quinn.

  • Archer image

    4. Archer

    #275 most popular show yesterday

    Archer, with its adult humor, espionage tropes, and over-the-top characters, shares a common thread with Harley Quinn in its exploration of dysfunctional yet endearing characters involved in high-stakes, often ridiculous scenarios.

  • Doom Patrol image

    5. Doom Patrol

    #501 most popular show yesterday

    Doom Patrol offers a mix of dark humor, quirky characters, and mature themes, much like Harley Quinn. Centering on a group of super-powered outcasts, the series delves deep into character development and is laced with a similar irreverent tone.

  • Disenchantment image

    6. Disenchantment

    #641 most popular show yesterday

    From the mind of Matt Groening, Disenchantment offers a medieval fantasy setting infused with satirical humor and wit. While it’s more mild in tone than Harley Quinn, the show's comedic take on genre storytelling will resonate with Harley’s fans.

  • The Venture Bros. image

    7. The Venture Bros.

    #824 most popular show yesterday

    A satirical animated series that parodies superhero and action-adventure tropes, The Venture Bros. offers witty dialogue and complex characters, which fans of Harley Quinn's humor and layered storytelling are likely to appreciate.