Shows like Hunter x Hunter
Looking for shows that are like Hunter x Hunter? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Dragon Ball Z image

    1. Dragon Ball Z

    #16 most popular show yesterday

    This iconic series features epic battles, power-ups, and a clear-cut good vs. evil narrative that can captivate Hunter x Hunter enthusiasts. While Dragon Ball Z offers less complexity in terms of plot, the intense action sequences more than compensate.

  • Attack on Titan image

    2. Attack on Titan

    #29 most popular show yesterday

    Though darker in tone, Attack on Titan will grip fans of Hunter x Hunter with its high stakes and relentless suspense. The series features a unique setting alongside humanity's fight for survival that showcases strategic battles akin to those in Hunter x Hunter.

  • Bleach image

    3. Bleach

    #30 most popular show yesterday

    Bleach presents a blend of swordplay, spiritual energy, and a parallel world filled with monstrous entities. Its thematic focus on the afterlife and soul purification resonates with viewers who enjoy Hunter x Hunter's supernatural elements and moral challenges.

  • My Hero Academia image

    4. My Hero Academia

    #38 most popular show yesterday

    Set in a world where superpowers, or 'quirks,' shape society, My Hero Academia offers a compelling blend of action and personal development. Fans of Hunter x Hunter will appreciate the strategic battles and the protagonist's relentless pursuit of strength to protect others.

  • One Piece image

    5. One Piece

    #190 most popular show yesterday

    One Piece's epic tale of pirates in search of the ultimate treasure mirrors Hunter x Hunter's expansive world-building and adventurous spirit. With deep character backstories and a commitment to the theme of friendship, it is sure to delight fans seeking similar content.

  • Naruto image

    6. Naruto

    #544 most popular show yesterday

    Naruto delivers on the promise of adventure and character growth through the eyes of a young ninja with an indomitable spirit. Much like Hunter x Hunter, viewers will experience a rich world of martial arts, chakra energy techniques, and a long journey of trials and friendships.