Shows like My Hero Academia
Looking for shows that are like My Hero Academia? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Dragon Ball Z image

    1. Dragon Ball Z

    #14 most popular show yesterday

    Dragon Ball Z is a cornerstone of shonen anime that revolves around the life and battles of Goku. It's an essential watch for fans of epic confrontations and power-ups, which are also a key aspect of the thrilling battles in My Hero Academia.

  • Attack on Titan image

    2. Attack on Titan

    #27 most popular show yesterday

    Attack on Titan offers a dark fantasy world where humanity fights for survival against gigantic creatures. The high stakes and intense action sequences, along with character-driven storytelling, will resonate with My Hero Academia fans.

  • Naruto image

    3. Naruto

    #534 most popular show yesterday

    Naruto offers a rich world where ninjas harness elemental powers in a quest for recognition and power. Those who enjoy the camaraderie and development of diverse abilities in My Hero Academia will find Naruto's themes of perseverance and friendship compelling.

  • Black Clover image

    4. Black Clover

    #662 most popular show yesterday

    Black Clover centers around two orphan boys aiming to become the Wizard King in a world filled with magic. Its theme of underdogs rising through hard work and friendship aligns well with My Hero Academia's spirit of heroism and self-improvement.

  • Hunter x Hunter image

    5. Hunter x Hunter

    #804 most popular show yesterday

    Hunter x Hunter is about a young boy named Gon who embarks on a journey to become a Hunter and find his father. Like My Hero Academia, it features a complex world with its own set of rules and an ensemble of characters each with unique abilities.