Shows like Inside Man
Looking for shows that are like Inside Man? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Breaking Bad image

    1. Breaking Bad

    #15 most popular show yesterday

    Breaking Bad is a gripping, morally complex series about a chemistry teacher who turns into a methamphetamine manufacturer. Fans of Inside Man would appreciate the show's exploration of character transformation and its high-stakes drama.

  • Better Call Saul image

    2. Better Call Saul

    #44 most popular show yesterday

    This Breaking Bad prequel focusing on the character Saul Goodman serves a mix of dark humor and legal drama. It will attract Inside Man fans with its detailed character development and descent into the criminal underworld.

  • Dexter image

    3. Dexter

    #77 most popular show yesterday

    Dexter focuses on a blood-splatter expert for the police department who leads a secret life as a serial killer. This show's blend of moral ambiguity and crime-solving could resonate with fans of Inside Man.

  • The Blacklist image

    4. The Blacklist

    #140 most popular show yesterday

    The Blacklist centers on a master criminal who turns himself in and offers to help the FBI catch other felons. Its combination of criminal insights and complex puzzles makes it a thrilling watch for those who enjoy Inside Man.

  • Ozark image

    5. Ozark

    #241 most popular show yesterday

    Ozark portrays a financial planner's descent into the criminal world, creating a complex web of money laundering. Its intricate plot and moral dilemmas resonate with the themes of Inside Man, making it a solid recommendation.

  • Prison Break image

    6. Prison Break

    #257 most popular show yesterday

    This series follows an engineer who installs himself in a prison he designed to save his falsely accused brother from a death sentence. The clever plotting and the tension of confinement shared with Inside Man might attract the same audience.

  • Homeland image

    7. Homeland

    #498 most popular show yesterday

    Homeland is a psychological thriller that involves CIA officers in counterterrorism operations. Its high-tension plotlines and exploration of trust and betrayal may appeal to the audience of Inside Man.