Shows like Killer Soup
Looking for shows that are like Killer Soup? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • You image

    1. You

    #68 most popular show yesterday

    You takes viewers inside the mind of a dangerously charming and intelligent bookstore manager who will stop at nothing to pursue love. Fans of Killer Soup's perspective on the psychology behind obsession and crime will find You's narrative and its exploration of the blurred lines between love and possession compelling.

  • Dexter image

    2. Dexter

    #85 most popular show yesterday

    Dexter offers a gripping look at the life of a forensics expert moonlighting as a vigilante serial killer. Audiences who enjoy the moral ambiguity and intense thrills of Killer Soup will find themselves enthralled by Dexter's double life and the constant tension between his hidden darkness and outward charm.

  • True Detective image

    3. True Detective

    #96 most popular show yesterday

    True Detective is a series that features police investigations that unearth personal and professional secrets of those involved. Like Killer Soup, it offers viewers a complex narrative, rich character development, and a dark and atmospheric world, leaving the audience captivated by its philosophical undertones and crime-solving elements.

  • Hannibal image

    4. Hannibal

    #359 most popular show yesterday

    Delving into the complex mind of the iconic serial killer, Hannibal Lecter, this show blends psychological horror with a culinary arts aesthetic. Fans of Killer Soup's dark tones and suspenseful storytelling will appreciate the show's intense character development and the intricate plot laced with sophisticated horror.

  • Bates Motel image

    5. Bates Motel

    #518 most popular show yesterday

    A contemporary prequel to the classic Hitchcock film Psycho, Bates Motel examines the twisted relationship between a young Norman Bates and his mother. Killer Soup enthusiasts drawn to character-driven stories and the intersection of suspense and horror will appreciate the slow burn of Norman's descent into madness.