Shows like Loki
Looking for shows that are like Loki? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Doctor Who image

    1. Doctor Who

    #21 most popular show yesterday

    Doctor Who is a British sci-fi titan centered around the adventures of The Doctor as they traverse time and space. Its long-standing celebration of time travel, moral complexity, and charismatic leads provides plenty of common ground for the Loki fanbase.

  • Rick and Morty image

    2. Rick and Morty

    #48 most popular show yesterday

    Though animated and peppered with irreverent humor, Rick and Morty's interdimensional adventures and exploration of multiverse theory share a thematic kinship with Loki's reality-warping storytelling.

  • WandaVision image

    3. WandaVision

    #166 most popular show yesterday

    Exploring superhero themes through an avant-garde lens, WandaVision blends classic sitcom tropes with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's signature style. Fans of Loki's knack for bending genres will feel right at home with WandaVision's playful deconstruction of reality and time.

  • The Umbrella Academy image

    4. The Umbrella Academy

    #298 most popular show yesterday

    A dysfunctional family of adopted siblings with superpowers reunites to solve the mystery of their father's death and the threat of a looming apocalypse. The Umbrella Academy's temporal twists and eccentric characters make it a compelling follow-up for Loki aficionados.

  • Doom Patrol image

    5. Doom Patrol

    #513 most popular show yesterday

    Doom Patrol dives into the lives of a group of outcast superheroes dealing with their own personal issues, while confronting bizarre and surreal threats. Its focus on oddball characters and reality-bending narrative will resonate well with fans of Loki's peculiar charm.