Shows like WandaVision
Looking for shows that are like WandaVision? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Umbrella Academy image

    1. The Umbrella Academy

    #150 most popular show yesterday

    Mixing superhero motifs with dysfunctional family dynamics, The Umbrella Academy's offbeat and stylistic approach to storytelling echoes the kind of subverted expectations viewers enjoyed in WandaVision.

  • Loki image

    2. Loki

    #254 most popular show yesterday

    Loki takes a beloved character from the MCU and places him in a time-bending storyline with high stakes and a touch of humor. Much like WandaVision, it explores more obscure corners of the Marvel universe, offering a blend of genres and a unique narrative style.

  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier image

    3. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    #486 most popular show yesterday

    Delving into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this action-packed series follows Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as they grapple with the legacy of Captain America. Fans of WandaVision's blend of superhero antics and deeper character exploration will find a lot to like here.

  • Doom Patrol image

    4. Doom Patrol

    #509 most popular show yesterday

    Doom Patrol features a quirky team of individuals each with unique abilities and troubled pasts, not unlike Wanda and Vision. The show boasts a surreal tone and bold storytelling that fans of WandaVision's unorthodox narrative will likely appreciate.

  • Legion image

    5. Legion

    #537 most popular show yesterday

    Legion offers a psychedelic divergence from traditional superhero narratives, focusing on David Haller, a man with prodigious powers and schizophrenia. Its avant-garde presentation and exploration of mental health will resonate with fans of WandaVision's deeper themes and inventive expression.

  • Hawkeye image

    6. Hawkeye

    #857 most popular show yesterday

    Another entry in the Marvel Studios' television roster, Hawkeye pairs the eponymous archer with Kate Bishop, a young up-and-comer. Fans of WandaVision's mix of personal drama and superhero action will enjoy this street-level view of the MCU.