Shows like Lupin
Looking for shows that are like Lupin? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Breaking Bad image

    1. Breaking Bad

    #15 most popular show yesterday

    This series follows a high school chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer. With its high stakes and intense story evolution, fans of Lupin's dramatic twists and intricate crime storytelling will immerse themselves in Walter White's descent into the criminal underworld.

  • Ozark image

    2. Ozark

    #267 most popular show yesterday

    Ozark provides a dark, gripping tale of a financial planner turned money launderer for a drug cartel. Audiences who enjoy Lupin for its intense drama and complex characters forced to outsmart law enforcement and criminal adversaries will find a similar edge-of-the-seat experience.

  • Money Heist image

    3. Money Heist

    #316 most popular show yesterday

    A Spanish series that has gained international acclaim, Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) centers around a group executing meticulously planned bank heists. Like Lupin, the strong ensemble cast and the antihero lead character's quest for justice will captivate viewers looking for sophisticated plotting and action-packed sequences.

  • Sherlock image

    4. Sherlock

    #320 most popular show yesterday

    This modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective masterpiece stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Fans of Lupin's clever twists and intellectual gamesmanship will appreciate the intricate plotting and sharp wit as London's most famous detective solves seemingly unsolvable mysteries.

  • Prison Break image

    5. Prison Break

    #324 most popular show yesterday

    This series involves a man who deliberately gets himself incarcerated to help his brother escape from death row. Prison Break's intense storyline and intricate planning should resonate well with fans of Lupin's heist and escape narratives.

  • White Collar image

    6. White Collar

    #336 most popular show yesterday

    White Collar focuses on a charming con artist who teams up with the FBI. The show combines crime-solving with the elegance of high-class art theft and forgery which will likely appeal to Lupin enthusiasts who relish style mixed with their suspense.

  • The Mentalist image

    7. The Mentalist

    #416 most popular show yesterday

    Featuring a former psychic medium turned police consultant, The Mentalist revolves around Patrick Jane's skills in observation and psychology to solve crimes. Similar to Lupin, fans will enjoy the protagonist's brilliance and the mind games played to catch criminals.

  • Sneaky Pete image

    8. Sneaky Pete

    #1,291 most popular show yesterday

    The misadventures of a con artist who assumes the identity of his cellmate upon release from prison sets the stage for Sneaky Pete. Fans of Lupin's cat-and-mouse games and elaborate scams will find this series equally engaging for its clever cons and multi-layered characters.