Shows like Ray Donovan
Looking for shows that are like Ray Donovan? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Breaking Bad image

    1. Breaking Bad

    #13 most popular show yesterday

    Breaking Bad features Walter White's transformation from a high school chemistry teacher into a ruthless methamphetamine manufacturing drug lord. The show's high stakes, moral ambiguity, and family dynamics are components that might resonate well with fans of Ray Donovan.

  • The Sopranos image

    2. The Sopranos

    #109 most popular show yesterday

    This seminal mob drama dives into the complex life of Tony Soprano, a New Jersey mob boss as he juggles the demands of his crime family and personal life, leading to intense family drama and psychological introspection. Fans of Ray Donovan's dark themes and antihero protagonists will appreciate the depth and conflict presented in The Sopranos.

  • Billions image

    3. Billions

    #237 most popular show yesterday

    Billions is a cat-and-mouse drama between U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod, delving into power politics and the high finance world. It shares the high-stakes maneuvering and rich character studies found in Ray Donovan.

  • Mad Men image

    4. Mad Men

    #250 most popular show yesterday

    Mad Men delves into the lives of competitive ad men in 1960s New York, with Don Draper's complex character at the center, struggling with an array of personal demons. The show's depth of character and period drama may attract Ray Donovan's audience.

  • Ozark image

    5. Ozark

    #262 most popular show yesterday

    Ozark follows the Byrde family as they launder money for a drug cartel in the Lake of the Ozarks, highlighting their moral descent in the face of danger and corruption. Fans of Ray Donovan may find Ozark's exploration of family and crime engrossing.

  • Sons of Anarchy image

    6. Sons of Anarchy

    #280 most popular show yesterday

    Exploring the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club in California's Central Valley, Sons of Anarchy touches on family loyalty, violence, and crime, paralleling many themes in Ray Donovan, especially the focus on family ties amidst criminal activity.

  • Boardwalk Empire image

    7. Boardwalk Empire

    #404 most popular show yesterday

    Set in prohibition-era Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire follows political figure Nucky Thompson as he navigates the world of organized crime. Its intricate storytelling and portrayal of a flawed protagonist will likely appeal to those who enjoy Ray Donovan.

  • The Shield image

    8. The Shield

    #761 most popular show yesterday

    Centered around a corrupt Los Angeles strike team led by Detective Vic Mackey, The Shield showcases the gritty underbelly of law enforcement. Its moral complexity and antihero focus align closely with the themes explored in Ray Donovan.