Shows like Sugar
Looking for shows that are like Sugar? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • This Is Us image

    1. This Is Us

    #304 most popular show yesterday

    This is Us artfully portrays the lives of the Pearson family through multiple timelines. Anyone who enjoys deeply emotional storytelling and robust character development like in 'Sugar' will likely be drawn to this poignant drama.

  • Empire image

    2. Empire

    #599 most popular show yesterday

    Empire is a musical drama about a family's dynastic struggle for control of their entertainment company. Like 'Sugar,' it's heavily character-driven, with a focus on family drama and the challenges of maintaining a business.

  • Queen Sugar image

    3. Queen Sugar

    #1,460 most popular show yesterday

    This character-driven drama series delves into the complexities of the Bordelon siblings managing their family's struggling sugar cane farm. Fans of 'Sugar' will appreciate the similarly intricate family dynamics and rich cultural backdrop.