What is The Brothers Sun (TV) About?
The Brothers Sun is an action-packed, comedic, and dramatic series that delves into the dynamics of family and crime. The story unfolds with the surprising arrival of Charles Sun, a member of a Taipei triad, to Los Angeles. His unexpected visit not only brings light to the family's dark and hidden ties to organized crime but also exposes his younger brother, Bruce, to a world he was blissfully unaware of. The series spotlights the Sun family, particularly Eileen 'Mama' Sun, played by Michelle Yeoh, who desires a life away from crime for her sons. The tensions escalate when their father's life is threatened by an assassination attempt in Taipei, prompting Charles to protect his family at all costs. As the series progresses, viewers witness the intersections of family loyalty, personal identity, and the inherent dangers of the criminal underworld. The cast includes Justin Chien as the resilient and street-smart Charles Sun, and Sam Song Li as the naive yet adaptable Bruce Sun. Through gripping storytelling and dynamic character development, ‘The Brothers Sun’ offers a unique take on the sacrifices and struggles faced when crime and kinship collide.
The first episode of The Brothers Sun aired on January 04, 2024 and the most recent episode to air was on January 04, 2024.