Shows like The Chestnut Man
Looking for shows that are like The Chestnut Man? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • True Detective image

    1. True Detective

    #96 most popular show yesterday

    Known for its anthology format, each season of True Detective offers a fresh, gripping narrative with deep psychological undertones. Like The Chestnut Man, it features detectives haunted by their pasts and complex investigations that pull viewers in.

  • Mare of Easttown image

    2. Mare of Easttown

    #511 most popular show yesterday

    With its small-town setting and a deeply personal story for its lead detective, Mare of Easttown provides a compelling look into the investigation of a young girl's murder, echoing the intimate storytelling of The Chestnut Man.

  • Luther image

    3. Luther

    #813 most popular show yesterday

    Luther stars Idris Elba as a brilliant but emotionally impulsive detective. Fans of The Chestnut Man's brooding atmosphere and intricate crime-solving will find Luther's intensity and complex character relationships enthralling.