Shows like The OA
Looking for shows that are like The OA? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Stranger Things image

    1. Stranger Things

    #9 most popular show yesterday

    With its blend of supernatural elements, government conspiracies, and a group of kids uncovering otherworldly mysteries, Stranger Things captures a similar eerie and nostalgic atmosphere that The OA fans might appreciate.

  • Twin Peaks image

    2. Twin Peaks

    #97 most popular show yesterday

    Regarded as a cult classic, Twin Peaks combines surrealism with mystery and drama. Its unique storytelling and bizarre events will appeal to those who enjoy The OA's enigmatic narrative and otherworldly elements.

  • Dark image

    3. Dark

    #203 most popular show yesterday

    Fans of The OA will likely enjoy Dark's intricate plot that spans multiple timelines and generations, offering a carefully woven mystery set in a small German town. Its strong emphasis on the supernatural and the complexities of human relationships make it a gripping watch.

  • The Umbrella Academy image

    4. The Umbrella Academy

    #298 most popular show yesterday

    Like The OA, The Umbrella Academy introduces viewers to a dysfunctional family with extraordinary abilities and a looming apocalyptic threat. The blend of action, drama, and quirky characters will resonate with fans of character-driven supernatural stories.

  • Westworld image

    5. Westworld

    #319 most popular show yesterday

    Westworld merges sci-fi with western themes, exploring consciousness and reality through the eyes of lifelike androids. Fans of The OA's philosophical questions and moral complexities will find this show thought-provoking.

  • The Leftovers image

    6. The Leftovers

    #469 most popular show yesterday

    This show delves into the lives of those left behind after a mysterious global event and deals with themes of loss, grief, and the human spirit. Its emotional depth and supernatural undertones create a similar appeal for audiences who enjoyed The OA.

  • Russian Doll image

    7. Russian Doll

    #552 most popular show yesterday

    Russian Doll features a woman caught in a time loop, continually reliving the same day. The show's exploration of existential themes and its darkly comedic tone offer an engaging experience akin to The OA's own twists and turns.

  • Sense8 image

    8. Sense8

    #804 most popular show yesterday

    Also created by Netflix, Sense8 features a diverse cast and the intertwining lives of eight unique characters connected by their thoughts and actions, which might resonate with fans looking for another series that celebrates human connection across boundaries.