Shows like The Real World
Looking for shows that are like The Real World? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Challenge image

    1. The Challenge

    #197 most popular show yesterday

    Born out of The Real World and Road Rules, The Challenge brings participants from both shows together to compete in physically demanding and strategic games. It's a perfect continuation for fans who crave more competitive and intense versions of the reality they loved.

  • Big Brother image

    2. Big Brother

    #360 most popular show yesterday

    Big Brother immerses viewers into a world where participants live together under constant surveillance and compete in weekly challenges. With its blend of strategy, personal interactions, and the fight for survival, it caters to those who enjoy the social dynamics of The Real World.

  • Jersey Shore image

    3. Jersey Shore

    #500 most popular show yesterday

    Offering a blend of party culture and day-to-day drama, Jersey Shore showcases a group of strangers living together in a vacation home. It encapsulates a similar voyeuristic pleasure as The Real World, with a heightened focus on the eccentric personalities of its cast.

  • Are You The One? image

    4. Are You The One?

    #1,162 most popular show yesterday

    This reality dating show combines the traditional living-together premise with a matchmaking puzzle, as contestants try to find their predetermined perfect partners. It combines relational dynamics reminiscent of The Real World with the added twist of romance and strategy.