Shows like Watchmen
Looking for shows that are like Watchmen? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • The Boys image

    1. The Boys

    #4 most popular show yesterday

    This dark and gritty superhero series deconstructs the concept of superheroes in modern society, much like Watchmen. With its blend of hyper-violence, moral ambiguity, and social satire, fans of Watchmen's intense take on superhero mythology will find plenty to enjoy.

  • WandaVision image

    2. WandaVision

    #167 most popular show yesterday

    WandaVision blends superhero action with an examination of grief, reality, and television history. Its innovative storytelling and layered narrative will appeal to fans of Watchmen's genre-pushing approach.

  • Westworld image

    3. Westworld

    #188 most popular show yesterday

    Though not about superheroes, Westworld's exploration of free will, consciousness, and the nature of reality shares thematic depth with Watchmen. Its narrative complexity and moral quandaries make it a compelling watch for those interested in philosophical and ethical dilemmas.

  • Black Mirror image

    4. Black Mirror

    #219 most popular show yesterday

    Though not centered around superheroes, Black Mirror's anthology series explores the dark side of technology and society. Its critical social commentary and dystopian themes are reminiscent of the dark, reflective world depicted in Watchmen.

  • The Umbrella Academy image

    5. The Umbrella Academy

    #283 most popular show yesterday

    This show revolves around a dysfunctional family of adopted siblings with superpowers, uncovering dark family secrets and navigating complex relationships while confronting imminent threats. Like Watchmen, it combines superheroes with deep-seated human issues and a mysterious overarching plot.

  • Doom Patrol image

    6. Doom Patrol

    #531 most popular show yesterday

    Doom Patrol offers a unique twist on the superhero genre, focusing on a group of misfit heroes with strange powers. Its absurdity and deep character studies echo Watchmen's unconventional approach to storytelling and character development.

  • Legion image

    7. Legion

    #597 most popular show yesterday

    Legion provides a mind-bending experience with a narrative full of surrealism and unreliable narration. The show's psychological depth and unique visual style attract viewers who appreciate Watchmen’s darker and more cerebral aspects of superhero storytelling.