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  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Poster
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    as George Marino 1 episode • #101 most popular show
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime television series that follows a dedicated team of detectives in the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department. Each episode focuses on a different criminal case involving sexually based offenses, including rape, child molestation, and domestic violence. The show combines elements of police procedural and legal drama, as the detectives investigate crimes and work closely with Assistant District Attorneys to bring the perpetrators to justice. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has gained a reputation for tackling sensitive and controversial topics with a realistic approach.
  • Blue Bloods Poster
    Blue Bloods
    as Zachary Danhart 1 episode • #121 most popular show
    Blue Bloods is an American police procedural drama television series. The show follows the lives of the Reagan family, a multi-generational family of police officers in New York City. The Reagans work together to solve crime and uphold justice, while also dealing with the challenges and conflicts that arise within their own family dynamics. With a compelling blend of character-driven storytelling and gripping crime investigations, Blue Bloods explores the personal and professional lives of the Reagans as they navigate the complexities of being a cop in one of the most demanding cities in the world.
  • FBI Poster
    as Samuel Ott 1 episode • #181 most popular show
    FBI is a crime drama TV show that revolves around the inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The show follows a team of special agents as they investigate and solve complex cases involving terrorism, organized crime, and other high-profile crimes. With a focus on both the personal and professional lives of the agents, FBI offers a realistic and intense portrayal of the challenges faced by law enforcement in protecting the nation. Combining action, suspense, and character-driven storytelling, FBI continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling investigations and compelling characters.
  • Castle Poster
    as Harrison Tisdale 1 episode • #184 most popular show
    Castle is an American crime-comedy-drama television series that aired on ABC from 2009 to 2016. The show revolves around Richard Castle, a bestselling mystery novelist, and Kate Beckett, an NYPD homicide detective. Together, they solve a variety of cases while also navigating their complex personal relationship. With its blend of humor, suspense, and romantic tension, Castle captivated audiences and became a hit series. It received critical acclaim for its witty writing, engaging characters, and the chemistry between the lead actors. Castle remains a beloved show for fans of crime dramas and lighthearted entertainment.
  • Law & Order Poster
    Law & Order
    as Marlon Cooper 1 episode • #222 most popular show
    Law & Order is a critically acclaimed crime drama television series that follows the lives of dedicated police officers and prosecutors as they navigate the complex world of criminal justice in New York City. The show is known for its gripping storytelling, intricate plotlines, and realistic portrayal of the legal system. With a combination of police investigations and courtroom drama, Law & Order has captivated audiences for over two decades.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles Poster
    NCIS: Los Angeles
    as Mike Ranko 4 episodes • #356 most popular show
    NCIS: Los Angeles is an American police procedural drama series on CBS. The series follows a clandestine team of NCIS Special Projects agents based in Los Angeles, solving cases of national security. The team employs unconventional tactics, led by G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell), a chameleon undercover agent, and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), a former Navy SEAL.
  • Person of Interest Poster
    Person of Interest
    as Daniels 1 episode • #503 most popular show
    Person of Interest is a science-fiction crime drama series created by Jonathan Nolan. Starring Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson, the show centers on a super machine with predictive abilities to foresee local crimes. The team of an ex-CIA operative and a billionaire inventor use this technology to prevent these incidents.
  • The Closer Poster
    The Closer
    as Mark Bernstein 1 episode • #1,058 most popular show
    The Closer is a drama television series that follows Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson as she leads a specialized LAPD unit focused on solving high-profile murder cases. Johnson's unorthodox methods and determined personality often create conflicts with her fellow colleagues. However, her exceptional skills as an interrogator earn her the respect of even the most skeptical critics.
Movies - Brian Avers
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  • Julie & Julia Poster
    Julie & Julia
    as Garth • #2,863 most popular movie
    Julie & Julia is a 2009 American biographical comedy-drama film that intertwines the lives of chef Julia Child and young New Yorker Julie Powell. The film follows their culinary journeys, showcasing how they find purpose and fulfillment through their love for cooking and determination.
  • Gigantic Poster
    as Larry Arbogast • #7,870 most popular movie
    Gigantic is a 2008 independent comedy film featuring Paul Dano as Brian, a young mattress salesman who seeks to adopt a baby from China but becomes entangled in a quirky and complex relationship with wealthy Harriet, portrayed by Zooey Deschanel.