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  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Poster
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    as Judge Kevin Beck 5 episodes • #83 most popular show
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime television series that follows a dedicated team of detectives in the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department. Each episode focuses on a different criminal case involving sexually based offenses, including rape, child molestation, and domestic violence. The show combines elements of police procedural and legal drama, as the detectives investigate crimes and work closely with Assistant District Attorneys to bring the perpetrators to justice. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has gained a reputation for tackling sensitive and controversial topics with a realistic approach.
  • What We Do in the Shadows Poster
    What We Do in the Shadows
    as Headmaster Warren 1 episode • #133 most popular show
    What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary-style comedy TV show that follows the daily lives of four ancient vampire roommates living in Staten Island. Each episode hilariously explores their struggles to adapt to modern society while dealing with both their supernatural powers and mundane tasks. The show is known for its clever writing, brilliant comedic timing, and its ability to seamlessly blend humor and horror elements. With a talented ensemble cast and a unique spin on vampire lore, What We Do in the Shadows offers a refreshing and entertaining take on the vampire genre.
  • Arrow Poster
    as Dr. Aldus Boardman 1 episode • #145 most popular show
    Arrow is a television series that follows the life of Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who becomes a vigilante archer after being stranded on a hostile island. Returning home to Starling City, Oliver takes on the persona of Arrow to fight crime and corruption. With his exceptional archery skills and a team of skilled allies, he works to protect his city from various criminal threats. The show explores Oliver's journey as he balances his dual identity, confronts his past, and becomes a symbol of hope for the city.
  • Gossip Girl Poster
    Gossip Girl
    as James Wolf 1 episode • #170 most popular show
    Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series that follows the lives and dramas of the wealthy teenagers residing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The show revolves around the mysterious and anonymous blogger known as 'Gossip Girl,' who exposes the secrets and scandals of the characters through her blog. Filled with romance, friendship, and betrayal, Gossip Girl explores the complexities of social hierarchy and the consequences of living in a world where even the smallest rumors can have devastating effects.
  • Law & Order Poster
    Law & Order
    as John Laramie 4 episodes • #176 most popular show
    Law & Order is a critically acclaimed crime drama television series that follows the lives of dedicated police officers and prosecutors as they navigate the complex world of criminal justice in New York City. The show is known for its gripping storytelling, intricate plotlines, and realistic portrayal of the legal system. With a combination of police investigations and courtroom drama, Law & Order has captivated audiences for over two decades.
  • Godfather of Harlem Poster
    Godfather of Harlem
    as Archie Gaines 4 episodes • #626 most popular show
    Godfather of Harlem is an American crime drama television series that chronicles the life and exploits of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson. Set in 1960s Harlem, the show explores the intersection of crime, politics, and music during a pivotal era in American history. With a stellar cast and gripping storyline, Godfather of Harlem delves into the complex dynamics of power and ambition as Bumpy Johnson navigates the treacherous underworld of organized crime. Seamlessly blending historical events and fictional elements, the series offers an immersive and captivating portrayal of one man's rise to prominence in the Harlem crime scene.
  • Oz Poster
    as Jahfree Neema 4 episodes • #683 most popular show
    Oz is a gritty and intense drama television series that aired from 1997 to 2003. Set in the Oswald State Correctional Facility, the show follows the lives of a diverse group of inmates and the staff members who work in the prison. With its realistic portrayal of prison life and its exploration of themes like power, morality, and survival, Oz captivated audiences and pushed the boundaries of television storytelling. The show's dark and complex characters, coupled with its raw and intense narratives, make it a must-watch for fans of gripping and thought-provoking dramas.
  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow Poster
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow
    as Dr. Aldus Boardman 2 episodes • #802 most popular show
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a superhero team-up series based on characters from DC Comics. The show follows a ragtag group of superheroes and anti-heroes who are recruited by time traveler Rip Hunter to protect the timeline from dangerous threats. With their time-ship, the Waverider, the team embarks on thrilling adventures across different eras, facing off against both mystical and human adversaries. Each member brings unique abilities and skills to the team, creating a diverse and dynamic group dynamic. With its blend of action, humor, and sci-fi elements, DC's Legends of Tomorrow offers an entertaining and action-packed viewing experience.
  • The Bold Type Poster
    The Bold Type
    as Bobby O'Neill 2 episodes • #1,296 most popular show
    The Bold Type is an American drama television series that follows the lives of three best friends working for a women's magazine in New York City. The show explores the challenges they face both personally and professionally, as they navigate their way through the ever-changing world of publishing. With its engaging storylines and diverse characters, The Bold Type tackles relevant and important issues such as feminism, sexuality, and identity. The series has received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of modern women in the workplace and its ability to address thought-provoking topics with both humor and sensitivity.
Movies - Peter Francis James
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  • The Losers Poster
    The Losers
    as Fadhil • #2,884 most popular movie
    The Losers is a 2010 American action film featuring an ensemble cast that includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldaña, Idris Elba, and Chris Evans. The story follows an elite black-ops team of United States Special Forces operatives who, after being betrayed and presumed dead, join forces with a mysterious operative to seek revenge against their enemy.
  • The Messenger Poster
    The Messenger
    as Dr. Grosso • #3,550 most popular movie
    The Messenger is a 2009 war drama film starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, Samantha Morton, Steve Buscemi, and Jena Malone. It follows the story of a U.S. Army staff sergeant who, upon returning from the Iraq War, is assigned to the difficult task of informing families of fallen soldiers.
  • Joe Gould's Secret Poster
    Joe Gould's Secret
    as Man at Party • #7,530 most popular movie
    Joe Gould's Secret is a 2000 American drama film directed by Stanley Tucci. It focuses on the relationship between Joseph Mitchell, a writer for The New Yorker, and Joe Gould, a unique character wandering through Greenwich Village, known for his 'Joe Gould Fund' and his ambitious project of an Oral History of the World.
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Peter Francis James Biography
Peter Francis James is an American actor and voice-over artist, known for his distinguished baritone. Born on September 16, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois, James began his acting career in 1979 with a role in a version of Shakespeare's Coriolanus. He has received multiple awards throughout his career, including two Obie awards for his performances in Jean Genet's The Maids and Colin Powell in Stuff Happens. James has also appeared in notable productions such as Edward Albee's The Lady from Dubuque opposite Dame Maggie Smith. Additionally, he has been a guest instructor at HB Studio and starred as Florenz Ziegfeld in the Broadway revival from 2022 to 2023.

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