Shows like Rebelde
Looking for shows that are like Rebelde? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Gossip Girl image

    1. Gossip Girl

    #211 most popular show yesterday

    Dive into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite teenagers, where secrets are currency and loyalty is fleeting. Fans of Rebelde's high-school setting and drama will easily get hooked on the backstabbing and social climbing within this iconic series.

  • Pretty Little Liars image

    2. Pretty Little Liars

    #297 most popular show yesterday

    This series revolves around a group of friends dealing with the disappearance of their leader and the subsequent unraveling of their small town's secrets. Audiences who enjoy the mystery and clique dynamics in Rebelde will find Pretty Little Liars captivating.

  • One Tree Hill image

    3. One Tree Hill

    #365 most popular show yesterday

    Set in the eponymous small town, this show delves into the lives of two half-brothers and their trials and tribulations with love, friendship, and basketball. The show's character-driven storytelling and high school backdrop will resonate with viewers of Rebelde.

  • Riverdale image

    4. Riverdale

    #387 most popular show yesterday

    Although it starts off as a story about high school students, Riverdale quickly spirals into a thrilling mix of mystery, romance, and crime, which can catch the attention of viewers who appreciate Rebelde's dramatic flare.

  • Elite image

    5. Elite

    #628 most popular show yesterday

    A Spanish series that bears similarity to Rebelde with its setting in an exclusive private school, where three working-class teens enroll and clash with the wealthy students. The tension, drama, and intricate relationships will resonate with Rebelde fans.

  • The Fosters image

    6. The Fosters

    #959 most popular show yesterday

    The Fosters is a family drama that focuses on a multi-ethnic family of foster and biological kids being raised by two mothers. It provides a more grounded take on teen issues, which might appeal to Rebelde fans interested in a portrayal of diverse family dynamics and personal growth.