Shows like The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
Looking for shows that are like The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Gilmore Girls image

    1. Gilmore Girls

    #51 most popular show yesterday

    While lighter in tone, 'Gilmore Girls' presents the close relationship between a single mother and her daughter, coupled with endearing multigenerational family dynamics. Audiences who enjoy the evolving narratives of 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart' might also connect with the charming, character-driven storytelling of 'Gilmore Girls.'

  • The Handmaid's Tale image

    2. The Handmaid's Tale

    #62 most popular show yesterday

    Although more dystopian in nature, 'The Handmaid's Tale' offers compelling commentary on feminism, autonomy, and resilience. Fans of 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart' might appreciate the strong female lead and the battle against oppressive environments.

  • This Is Us image

    3. This Is Us

    #265 most popular show yesterday

    Spanning several decades, 'This Is Us' is the intertwined story of the Pearson family, dealing with life's complexities and the impact of past events on their present lives. Its emotional storytelling resonates with themes of identity and belonging, much like 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.'

  • Big Little Lies image

    4. Big Little Lies

    #278 most popular show yesterday

    Centered around a group of women in a picturesque seaside town who become embroiled in a web of mystery and domestic intrigue, 'Big Little Lies' blends drama with a darkly comedic edge. Fans of 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart' will be drawn to the show's exploration of secrets, lies, and the complex lives of its female protagonists.

  • Firefly Lane image

    5. Firefly Lane

    #943 most popular show yesterday

    The show traverses the lifelong friendship of two women against a backdrop of personal and professional upheavals. Similar to 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,' 'Firefly Lane' blends drama and the intricacies of female relationships, bound by shared history and enduring friendship.