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  • Only Murders in the Building Poster
    Only Murders in the Building
    as Uma Heller 15 episodes • #128 most popular show
    Only Murders in the Building is an American comedy-mystery series that chronicles the adventures of three strangers united by their passion for true crime. The trio joins forces when they start investigating a real murder within their luxurious New York City apartment complex and document their findings via a podcast. This quirky and suspenseful show is a blend of humor and whodunit intrigue, starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm Poster
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    as Rhonda 1 episode • #140 most popular show
    Curb Your Enthusiasm is an American comedy television series created by Larry David. The show follows a fictionalized version of David as he navigates through his everyday life and encounters various social and professional situations. Known for its improvisational nature, Curb Your Enthusiasm offers a satirical and often self-deprecating insight into the quirks and neuroses of its characters. With its dry wit and observational humor, the show has gained a dedicated following and critical acclaim, making it a prominent fixture in the comedy genre.
  • American Dad! Poster
    American Dad!
    as Bird Cage Lady / City Councilwoman (voice) 1 episode • #149 most popular show
    American Dad! is an animated sitcom that follows the daily life of Stan Smith, a staunchly conservative CIA agent, as he navigates his personal and professional life in the fictional town of Langley Falls, Virginia. Alongside his quirky family, including his wife Francine, alien Roger, and talking fish Klaus, Stan embarks on a series of comedic adventures and misadventures that often satirize American politics, pop culture, and societal issues. The show combines political satire, absurdist humor, and family dynamics to provide a unique and entertaining portrayal of suburban life in America.
  • Night Court Poster
    Night Court
    as Linda 1 episode • #587 most popular show
    Night Court is a contemporary American sitcom that serves as a continuation of the cherished 1980s series. It showcases the professional and personal dynamics of Judge Abby Stone and her courtroom staff as they navigate the eccentricities of a Manhattan arraignment court during the night shift. The show intertwines comedy with the unconventional legal proceedings overseen by the idealistic Judge Stone, daughter of the original series' Judge Harry Stone.
  • 30 Rock Poster
    30 Rock
    as Rochelle Gaulke 1 episode • #693 most popular show
    30 Rock is a sitcom that aired on NBC from 2006 to 2013. Created by Tina Fey, the show revolves around the production of a fictional sketch comedy show. It offers a humorous behind-the-scenes look at the chaos and professional relationships of the cast and crew. With sharp writing and clever humor, 30 Rock has garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, including several Primetime Emmy Awards. The show features a talented ensemble cast, including Fey herself, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan.
  • FEUD Poster
    as Mamacita 8 episodes • #721 most popular show
    FEUD is an anthology television series that explores prominent historic disputes. The first season titled 'Bette and Joan' focuses on the intense rivalry between actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford that peaks during the making of the 1962 film 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?'.
  • The Other Two Poster
    The Other Two
    as Lorraine 1 episode • #790 most popular show
    The Other Two is a hilarious comedy series that follows the lives of two siblings as they navigate their way through the entertainment industry. When their younger brother suddenly becomes an overnight sensation, the older siblings find themselves dealing with the challenges and absurdities of fame. With a mix of sharp humor and heartfelt moments, The Other Two offers a fresh and satirical take on the pursuit of success in the modern world.
  • iCarly Poster
    as Myrtle 1 episode • #884 most popular show
    iCarly is an American sitcom that serves as a continuation of the original 2007 series, diving into the adult lives of the original characters. Reuniting Carly, Spencer, and Freddie, the show explores contemporary themes and challenges of life in their twenties while injecting humor and nostalgia for fans of the initial run.
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Poster
    Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
    as Esther 2 episodes • #897 most popular show
    Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is a television miniseries that serves as a continuation of the popular American comedy-drama series Gilmore Girls. The show revolves around the lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, a mother-daughter duo, in the fictional town of Stars Hollow. Set in four different seasons, the miniseries takes place nearly a decade after the original series ended. It explores the challenges and triumphs faced by the Gilmore family, offering a nostalgic and heartwarming journey for both new and longtime fans of the show.
  • The Politician Poster
    The Politician
    as Sherry Dougal 6 episodes • #1,230 most popular show
    ‘The Politician’ is a Netflix original comedy-drama series that depicts the ambitious journey of Payton Hobart, who has harbored dreams of becoming the President of the United States since childhood. The series begins with Payton navigating the complex and often scandalous political environment of his high school elections.
  • Search Party Poster
    Search Party
    as Velma 1 episode • #1,267 most popular show
    Search Party is a comedy-drama television series that follows a group of self-absorbed twenty-somethings as they become entangled in a mysterious disappearance. The show combines elements of dark humor and satire to explore themes of identity, privilege, and the millennial experience. As the characters navigate their way through the twists and turns of the investigation, they are forced to confront their own flaws and insecurities, providing a unique and thought-provoking exploration of modern society.
  • Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Poster
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
    as Self - Guest 6 episodes • #1,399 most popular show
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is a late-night talk show that delves into pop culture with a particular focus on reality television. The show features interviews with celebrities and personalities from various Bravo reality series, fostering a casual and interactive atmosphere where guests participate in games and answer viewer questions.
  • Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Poster
    Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies
    as Asst. Principal McGee 10 episodes • #1,669 most popular show
    ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ follows the formation and rise of the Pink Ladies at Rydell High School in 1954. This American musical series is a prequel to the iconic film ‘Grease’ and highlights how four unconventional young women start a movement that challenges the social norms of their time.
  • Teenage Euthanasia Poster
    Teenage Euthanasia
    2 episodes • #1,723 most popular show
    Teenage Euthanasia is an adult animated sitcom centered around Trophy Fantasy, a resurrected former runaway teen mom, who reenters the lives of her family operating a funeral home. The series is noted for its unique blending of dark humor and family dynamics, set against the backdrop of a quirky Florida funeral home.
  • Ziwe Poster
    1 episode • #2,219 most popular show
    Ziwe is a late-night talk show hosted by comedian Ziwe Fumudoh. The show features Ziwe conducting interviews with celebrities and public figures, discussing topics related to race, gender, and identity. Known for her bold and provocative style, Ziwe fearlessly challenges her guests with thought-provoking questions, fostering important conversations about race and social justice. With a unique blend of humor and insight, Ziwe tackles sensitive issues head-on, providing a platform for underrepresented voices and shedding light on the complexities of contemporary society.
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Jackie Hoffman is an American actress, singer, and comedian known for her one-woman shows of Jewish-themed original songs and monologues. She is a veteran of Chicago's The Second City comedy improv group. Hoffman was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and a Critics' Choice Television Award for her role as Mamacita in the miniseries Feud (2017). She won the Joseph Jefferson Award for her work with The Second City troupe. Hoffman has starred in solo comedy performances such as 'If You Call This Living', 'The Kvetching Continues', 'Jackie Hoffman's Hanukkah', and more. She also joined the team behind 'The J.A.P. Show, Jewish American Princesses of Comedy'.

On June 23, 2024, Jackie Hoffman had 303 Wikipedia visits, making her the #12,043 most popular actor online.