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  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Poster
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    as Assistant US Attorney Claudia Williams 2 episodes • #102 most popular show
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime television series that follows a dedicated team of detectives in the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department. Each episode focuses on a different criminal case involving sexually based offenses, including rape, child molestation, and domestic violence. The show combines elements of police procedural and legal drama, as the detectives investigate crimes and work closely with Assistant District Attorneys to bring the perpetrators to justice. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has gained a reputation for tackling sensitive and controversial topics with a realistic approach.
  • The Daily Show Poster
    The Daily Show
    as Self 1 episode • #124 most popular show
    The Daily Show is an American late-night program that combines comedy with satire to dissect current events, politics, and media. Known for its humorous take on the news, the show features a team of correspondents who contribute to segments and interviews.
  • Them Poster
    as Athena 8 episodes • #151 most popular show
    Them is a psychological horror anthology series that follows a black family who moves from North Carolina to an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles in the 1950s. As they navigate the unsettling and racist atmosphere around them, supernatural forces begin to haunt their home. The series explores themes of racism, discrimination, and the psychological impacts of living in a hostile environment.
  • This Is Us Poster
    This Is Us
    as Grandma 2 episodes • #319 most popular show
    This Is Us is an American television series that follows the lives of members of the Pearson family. The show interweaves their stories across different time periods, highlighting their triumphs, struggles, and deep connections. This heartwarming drama explores themes of love, loss, and the complexities of family relationships. With its poignant storytelling and compelling characters, This Is Us has become a critically acclaimed and beloved series, resonating with audiences of all ages.
  • The Great North Poster
    The Great North
    as Neckbone (voice) 1 episode • #438 most popular show
    The Great North is an animated sitcom that follows the lives of the Tobin family in the remote Alaskan town of Lone Moose. The show revolves around the single father and bush pilot Beef Tobin, his quirky and adventurous children, and their close-knit community. With its blend of humor, heartwarming moments, and exploration of the Alaskan wilderness, The Great North showcases the challenges and joys of living in a remote and unconventional environment. The show brings a unique perspective on family dynamics and celebrates the bonds that hold us together even in the most extreme circumstances.
  • Smallville Poster
    as Amanda Waller 3 episodes • #440 most popular show
    Smallville is a television series that follows the life of Clark Kent during his teenage years in the fictional town of Smallville. As Clark navigates his way through high school and discovers the extraordinary powers he possesses, he becomes aware of his alien origins and the destiny that awaits him. The show explores Clark's relationships with his friends and family, including his close bond with his best friend Chloe Sullivan and his complicated romance with Lana Lang. Smallville is a captivating coming-of-age story that explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the challenges of growing up.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Poster
    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    as Janice 1 episode • #497 most popular show
    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a popular American sitcom that originally aired from 1990 to 1996. The show follows the life of a young man named Will Smith who is sent from a working-class neighborhood in West Philadelphia to live with his wealthy relatives, the Banks family, in their Bel-Air mansion. The series explores the culture clash between Will's street-smart upbringing and the Banks' upscale lifestyle, often using humor and wit to tackle social issues. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air became a beloved show for its memorable characters, catchy theme song, and comedic performances.
  • The View Poster
    The View
    as Self 1 episode • #577 most popular show
    The View is an American daytime talk show airing on ABC that features a diverse panel of female co-hosts. These co-hosts engage in discussions on current sociopolitical issues, entertainment, and hot topics of the day, in addition to conducting interviews with celebrities and public figures. The show is known for its multi-generational lineup and varying perspectives.
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show Poster
    The Kelly Clarkson Show
    1 episode • #964 most popular show
    The Kelly Clarkson Show is a daytime talk show hosted by American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson. The show features discussions on various topics including celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, and live musical performances. Clarkson engages with her guests in a candid and relatable manner, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The show's format also incorporates fun games and segments that entertain and engage the audience. With its mix of entertainment, personal stories, and heartfelt moments, The Kelly Clarkson Show offers an uplifting and entertaining viewing experience.
  • The L Word Poster
    The L Word
    as Kit Porter 71 episodes • #984 most popular show
    The L Word is a captivating drama series that follows the lives of a diverse group of lesbian friends as they navigate the complexities of love, relationships, and professional ambitions in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Set against the backdrop of a progressive and rapidly changing society, the show offers a deep exploration of the challenges faced by these strong and independent women. With its compelling storylines, rich character development, and thought-provoking themes, The L Word has become an iconic representation of LGBTQ+ experiences and has garnered a dedicated fanbase worldwide.
  • Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Poster
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
    as Self - Guest 2 episodes • #1,139 most popular show
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is a late-night talk show that delves into pop culture with a particular focus on reality television. The show features interviews with celebrities and personalities from various Bravo reality series, fostering a casual and interactive atmosphere where guests participate in games and answer viewer questions.
  • Bless This Mess Poster
    Bless This Mess
    as Constance 26 episodes • #1,836 most popular show
    Bless This Mess is a comedy television show that follows a newlywed couple who leave their hectic city lives behind in search of a simpler life in rural Nebraska. The show showcases their misadventures as they try to adapt to the challenges of farm life, including dealing with eccentric neighbors and unexpected wildlife encounters. With a talented ensemble cast, Bless This Mess delivers hilarious moments and heartfelt storytelling, exploring the ups and downs of married life and the pursuit of a fresh start in a small town.
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Pam Grier Biography
Pamela Suzette Grier, born on May 26, 1949, is an American actress and singer. She gained fame in the 1970s for her roles in action, blaxploitation, and women in prison films. Quentin Tarantino hailed her as cinema's first female action star. Some of her notable films include Coffy (1973), Foxy Brown (1974), The Big Doll House (1971), and Friday Foster (1975). Grier received nominations for various awards, including an Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. In Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown (1997), she played the title character. Grier also appeared in films like Escape from L.A. (1996), Mars Attacks! (1996), Jawbreaker (1999), and Holy Smoke.

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