Shows like Gaslit
Looking for shows that are like Gaslit? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Mad Men image

    1. Mad Men

    #267 most popular show yesterday

    Although Mad Men delves into the world of advertising in the 1960s, its keen attention to historical detail and character development aligns it with Gaslit's portrayal of complex personalities against the backdrop of significant American events.

  • House of Cards image

    2. House of Cards

    #421 most popular show yesterday

    This political thriller series showcases the dark side of Washington D.C. politics and the lengths individuals will go to gain power. Fans of Gaslit's political intrigue and the exploration of power dynamics will find House of Cards gripping.

  • Boardwalk Empire image

    3. Boardwalk Empire

    #441 most popular show yesterday

    Set during Prohibition-era Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire dramatizes the life and times of Nucky Thompson. While it's set in a different period, the show's focus on political maneuvers, illegal activities, and moral quandaries offers a thematic kinship to audiences who like Gaslit.

  • The Americans image

    4. The Americans

    #491 most popular show yesterday

    Set during the Cold War, The Americans follows two KGB spies posing as an American couple. With a mix of political intrigue, moral dilemmas, and deep undercover operations, viewers who enjoy the tension and historical aspects of Gaslit may find this series particularly riveting.

  • Homeland image

    5. Homeland

    #515 most popular show yesterday

    Homeland is a psychological thriller that touches on intelligence operations and national security. Viewers who are drawn to Gaslit's suspense and complex storytelling may also appreciate Homeland's intricate plots and character studies.

  • Scandal image

    6. Scandal

    #522 most popular show yesterday

    Scandal centers around Olivia Pope and her crisis management firm. The series' blend of political corruption, cover-ups, and high-stakes personal drama makes it a natural follow-up for those who enjoy the turmoil and twists of Gaslit.

  • American Crime Story image

    7. American Crime Story

    #816 most popular show yesterday

    This anthology series focuses on various scandals and high-profile criminal cases in American history. Fans of Gaslit will appreciate the show's in-depth narrative style and its focus on the consequences of political and social actions on both the public and personal lives of those involved.