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Lance Reddick Biography
Lance Solomon Reddick (June 7, 1962 – March 17, 2023) was an American actor and musician. He gained recognition for his roles in various television series, including Cedric Daniels in The Wire (2002–2008), Phillip Broyles in Fringe (2008–2013), and Chief Irvin Irving in Bosch (2014–2020). Reddick also appeared in films such as the John Wick franchise (2014–2023) as Charon and White House Down (2013) as General Caulfield. He showcased his talent as a versatile actor, portraying Detective Johnny Basil in Oz (1997–2003) and Matthew Abaddon in Lost (2004–2010). Reddick's notable voice acting includes characters such as Martin Hatch in Quantum Break, Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, and Commander Zavala in the Destiny franchise. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Reddick attended Friends School of Baltimore and pursued his passion for music at the Peabody Preparatory Institute.
Lance Reddick TV Shows
Lance Reddick has appeared in 22 television series with data on Television Stats.