Ahsoka Cast Popularity
Daily Pageviews to each actor's Wikipedia page on September 20, 2023
Rosario Dawson
as Ahsoka Tano
8 episodes
Rosario Dawson portrays the lead character, Ahsoka Tano. With her undeniable acting skills and charm, she perfectly embodies the fierce and determined Jedi warrior.
Rosario Dawson Popularity
16,620 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
Natasha Liu Bordizzo
as Sabine Wren
8 episodes
Natasha Liu Bordizzo takes on the role of Sabine Wren in Ahsoka. Her compelling portrayal of the courageous Mandalorian fighter adds depth and excitement to the show.
Natasha Liu Bordizzo Popularity
7,394 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
as Hera Syndulla
8 episodes
Mary Elizabeth Winstead brings Hera Syndulla to life in Ahsoka. With her exceptional acting abilities, she portrays the strong and strategic Twi'lek pilot with great conviction.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Popularity
19,495 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
Diana Lee Inosanto
as Morgan Elsbeth
8 episodes
Diana Lee Inosanto portrays Morgan Elsbeth, a formidable character in Ahsoka. Through her incredible performance, she brings out the complexity and mystery of this character.
Diana Lee Inosanto Popularity
3,817 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
Ray Stevenson
as Baylan Skoll
8 episodes
Ray Stevenson takes on the role of Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka. With his impressive screen presence and talent, he delivers a compelling performance as this enigmatic character.
Ray Stevenson Popularity
17,905 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
Ivanna Sakhno
as Shin Hati
8 episodes
Ivanna Sakhno portrays Shin Hati, a key character in Ahsoka. With her captivating acting skills, she adds layers of depth and intensity to this role.
Ivanna Sakhno Popularity
5,412 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
David Tennant
as Huyang (voice)
8 episodes
David Tennant lends his incredible voice acting talents to the role of Huyang in Ahsoka. Through his distinct voice, he brings a unique and memorable personality to this character.
David Tennant Popularity
7,711 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
Lars Mikkelsen
as Grand Admiral Thrawn
8 episodes
Lars Mikkelsen brings Grand Admiral Thrawn to life in Ahsoka. With his commanding presence and exceptional acting skills, he portrays the cunning and ruthless antagonist with perfection.
Lars Mikkelsen Popularity
3,553 Wikipedia pageviews yesterday
Eman Esfandi
as Ezra Bridger
8 episodes
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