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  • The Simpsons Poster
    The Simpsons
    1 episode • #11 most popular show
    The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening. It follows the Simpson family, a working-class family in the town of Springfield. The show is known for its satirical portrayal of American culture, society, and family life. With its iconic characters and long-running success, The Simpsons has become one of the most influential and beloved television shows of all time.
  • Saturday Night Live Poster
    Saturday Night Live
    as Self - Host 1 episode • #56 most popular show
    Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a live sketch comedy and variety show that has been a staple of American television since its debut in 1975. The show features a talented ensemble cast who perform a series of comedic sketches, musical performances, and celebrity impressions. SNL is known for its satirical commentary on current events and pop culture, often pushing the boundaries of social and political humor. With a new episode airing every Saturday night, SNL has become a cultural phenomenon and has launched the careers of numerous comedy legends.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Poster
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    as Dr. Cap Jackson 2 episodes • #104 most popular show
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime television series that follows a dedicated team of detectives in the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department. Each episode focuses on a different criminal case involving sexually based offenses, including rape, child molestation, and domestic violence. The show combines elements of police procedural and legal drama, as the detectives investigate crimes and work closely with Assistant District Attorneys to bring the perpetrators to justice. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has gained a reputation for tackling sensitive and controversial topics with a realistic approach.
  • The View Poster
    The View
    as Self 3 episodes • #275 most popular show
    The View is an American daytime talk show airing on ABC that features a diverse panel of female co-hosts. These co-hosts engage in discussions on current sociopolitical issues, entertainment, and hot topics of the day, in addition to conducting interviews with celebrities and public figures. The show is known for its multi-generational lineup and varying perspectives.
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers Poster
    Late Night with Seth Meyers
    as Self 2 episodes • #581 most popular show
    Late Night with Seth Meyers is an American late-night talk show hosted by comedian Seth Meyers. The show premiered on NBC in 2014 and follows the popular late-night format, featuring celebrity interviews, live music performances, and comedy sketches. Meyers brings his unique comedy style and witty banter to the show, keeping audiences entertained with his insightful monologues and clever observations on current events and pop culture. With its combination of humor, satire, and engaging interviews, Late Night with Seth Meyers has become a staple in late-night television.
  • Watchmen Poster
    as Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias 9 episodes • #714 most popular show
    Watchmen is a television series based on the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Set in an alternate history where superheroes are treated as outlaws, the show explores the complex moral and political issues that arise as masked vigilantes seek justice in a dark and gritty world. With a compelling storyline and a talented ensemble cast, Watchmen combines thought-provoking themes with thrilling action sequences to create a unique and immersive viewing experience.
  • The Pentaverate Poster
    The Pentaverate
    as Jeremy Irons 6 episodes • #1,551 most popular show
    The Pentaverate is a gripping mystery thriller television series that follows the covert actions of a secret organization known as the Pentaverate. Led by a group of powerful and influential individuals, the Pentaverate operates behind the scenes to manipulate world events. As the series unfolds, viewers are drawn into a suspenseful journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, as the true motives and secrets of the Pentaverate are gradually revealed. With its intricate plot, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes, The Pentaverate keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, questioning the nature of power and control.
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Poster
    Who Do You Think You Are?
    as Self 1 episode • #1,629 most popular show
    Who Do You Think You Are? is a genealogy documentary series that explores the family histories of well-known individuals. Each episode follows a celebrity as they embark on a journey to uncover their ancestry and discover surprising and sometimes heartwarming stories. Through expert research, historical records, and DNA analysis, the show reveals the hidden secrets and connections that shape the celebrities' identities and provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of their ancestors. Who Do You Think You Are? offers a captivating and informative exploration of personal history and genealogical detective work.
  • The Borgias Poster
    The Borgias
    as Rodrigo Borgia 29 episodes • #1,684 most popular show
    The Borgias is a historical drama television series that chronicles the rise of the Borgia family in Renaissance Italy. The show follows the patriarch Rodrigo Borgia as he becomes Pope Alexander VI, and the ambitions and power struggles of his children, Cesare, Lucrezia, and Juan. With its intricate plotlines and lavish production design, The Borgias captures the treachery, corruption, and glamour of 15th-century Vatican City. The series delves into the political and religious landscape of the era, exploring themes of power, family dynamics, and the manipulation of faith for personal gain.
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Jeremy Irons Biography
Jeremy John Irons is an English actor and activist. He began his acting career on stage in 1969 and has appeared in numerous West End theatre productions. Irons made his Broadway debut in 1984 and won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. His first major film role came in 1981 in The French Lieutenant's Woman, earning him a BAFTA nomination. He went on to star in films like Moonlighting, Betrayal, The Mission, and Dead Ringers. Irons received the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Reversal of Fortune. Throughout his career, he has continued to star in drama films. Irons is known for his versatile talents and activism.

On July 20, 2024, Jeremy Irons had 3,705 Wikipedia visits, making him the #1,264 most popular actor online.